Our Itinerary


Lago Maggiore has always attracted the kindest souls. Vegetation, gastronomy, typical events are the reliable mirror of a land which is on the one hand still connected to tradition and on the other hand is able to renovate through culture and fun.

Our proposal is to link moment of relax and discovery, by means of a flexible itinerary, to events of fun and celebration (the request of our boats for planning events and parties is feasible through phone call or by email).


  • ARONA:

one of the most important touristic town in the Piedmontese coast of the Lake. The surrounding territory, composed by is hills, is located within the Natural Park of Lagoni di Mercurago. Looking at the amazing coast is possible to see two statues: one the them represents a sailor man sat down on a reversed boat and the other represents Madonna who protects fishermen.


it is located on the South coast of the Lake. Even if it is mainly known for its Rocca, Angera offers others wonderful spots such as l'Oasi della Bruschera and l'isolino di Partegora. Under a cultural and architectonical point of view the Civic Archeological Museum deserves a visit, as well as the uncountable cathedrals (like Santa Maria Assunta church).


Well known worldwide for their elegance and beauty, they represent the most famous spot of the Lake. Their beauty attracts thousands of tourist from all over the world. The archipelago is composed from three islands:Isola dei Pescatori (or Isola Superiore) is the smallest and the only one which is dwelt all over the year. It is crossed by houses with long balconies for helping drying fish, the principal source of food of the Island:Isola Bella is a natural jewelry, which is become even more precious witch human activity through blooming gardens from sixteenth century, the ancient barocco palace and the artistic beauties which improves the shining territory;Isola Madre is the biggest of Isole Borromee and it is enriched by wonderful gardens full of rare plants, exotic flowers where some parrots, peacocks and pheasants live creating the charme typical of tropical lands.

Here you can spend also some romantic dinners with a breathtaking view.


It is located on a very leaning cliff in one of the most deepest spot of the Lake. It is a monastic structure composed by three buildings from XIII/XIV centuries; here art and history blend perfectly in a very suggestive and natural masterpiece, looking like a balcony which lean out towards Isole Borromee.


Located close to Verbano, it is on the Piedmontese coast of the Lake. It is known for its Blue Flag appointed from FEE. To visit: Rocca Vitalina, better known as "Castelli di Cannero".


known also Rocca di Travaglia, it was a shelter. Nowadays just some ruins are present and a new park (called Parco della Rocca di Caldè) which has allowed the restructuring of the famous furnaces.